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Elaine Wendler

Date Started: August 8, 2007

Education: High School

Family: Husband Steve. We were married 5 years before having our first child, Alauria. Our second daughter, Brooke, was born 3 weeks before Alauria’s 2nd Birthday, that was fun! And then 2 1/2 years later we had our son Curtis. We had his name picked out , but didn’t with the girls because we didn’t know they were girls.

What You Like to Do: Spend time with family and friends, vacation, crafts.

3 Favorite Movies: The Fugitive, Hallmark, and Mystery Movies!

Favorite Meal: Anything with chicken (white meat) and chicken stir-fry.

Favorite Book: Revelation

Most Embarrassing Moment: At my wedding! Before the wedding, Steve had been asking which finger he was supposed to put the ring on. The time came at the wedding and he did fine, however, “I” got the wrong hand! I was very embarrassed. I threw my head back, and my cousin that is deaf thought I was going to faint, not realizing what was going on.